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Why Auscon should be your go-to cement mix supplier


Welcome to the Auscon blog!

With the launch of our new website and a suite of exciting projects and developments on the horizon, we wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves and demonstrate what sets us apart from other cement mix suppliers.

We’re concrete professionals with a specialty focus in supplying high quality, Australian-made dry mix cement products for a wide range of clients and projects. From high-rise commercial builds to complex bespoke jobs, the skilled team at Auscon are ready to jump on any construction task.

Our passion for customer service and decades of experience means we’re excitedly poised to take the industry by storm – we know we’ve got what it takes to be your go-to cement mix supply experts.

We know the industry

Our decades of collective experience have earnt us the trust of industry leaders – clients know that our experience and attention to detail means we always prioritise their needs at every stage of a project.

We aren’t afraid to tackle the harder tasks. Our work with construction, engineering, infrastructure and mining companies around the country has shown us the challenges these industries face, and how we can provide clear solutions to a range of problems. Our distributors and clients know that Auscon products are up to any test.

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Our products are Australian made

With an emphasis on quality, all of our cement products are designed, tested and manufactured right here in Australia using ISO certified processes. In fact, we’re one of only two concrete manufacturers in Australia!

Being Australian-owned and operated not only means we design and produce for Australian construction standards and conditions – it also means you’ll have access to a reliable supply of products. If you order before 12pm, we can arrange next-day delivery – no more empty shelves and unhappy customers.

Being an easy-to-deal with, reliable supplier is something we take great pride in. If you need to place an order, track a delivery or simply have a question about any one of our products – one of our team of industry experts is just a phone call away.

We proudly stand behind our product

One of our top priorities is to always deliver quality. Whether that be in the service we provide or the product we produce, we confidently stand beside it with pride.

In our 30 years of working in the construction and cement products space, we’ve seen all types of jobs. And we’ve become adept at knowing how to spot issues and create solutions that work. This in-depth knowledge has led us to produce high-quality products that are founded on research, science and industry need.

We’re determined to respond proactively to what our clients want; our PT 80 post-tensioning cement is a prime example of a customer product need we’ve not only met, but exceeded.

We’re also proud of our ability to meet tight deadlines and turnaround schedules. Our clients know they can depend on us to get the stock they require quickly and efficiently – we understand that success in the construction industry is all about timing.

We customise to suit your needs

Our private label service is designed with our clients varying needs in mind. We know that every job is different, which is why we’ve created a service to help you get the job done to the highest possible standard.

Private labelling allows you the flexibility to focus on growing your brand name by leaving the time-consuming work of manufacturing to us. We’ve worked with hardware retailers around the country to develop ready-to-go cement mixes that are customised, branded and of superior quality.

We want to work with clients directly to create products that are made to your unique specifications and deliver real results.

Join the Auscon revolution

The Auscon team is working hard to produce high quality, Australian-made dry mix cement products that customers need. If you’re a distributor who’s looking for a hassle-free supplier that specialises in easy-to-use, high-quality cement mix products, then get in touch today.

Our team will work with you directly to determine which of our top-selling products and services are perfect for your market and their needs. We want to keep building on our strong industry relationships – we’re passionate about understanding your customers’ needs.