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Why buying Australian-made cement isn’t just about the feel-good factor

Auscon Australia made cement sitting on pallets in warehouse

When you buy Australian-made cement, or any products for that matter, it’s hard to deny the feel-good factor you get, knowing you’re supporting local businesses. But there are plenty more practical advantages to buying locally produced cement you may not have considered.

You know it meets the best quality standards

Australia’s construction industry has a global reputation for its high quality – not only for workmanship, but also for products and materials. Using cheaper products from abroad poses risks when bidding for a construction contract. Off-shore products also may not meet Australian regulatory requirements or run the risk of failing once you’ve completed the job.

Auscon Australia’s cement range is all proudly produced in Australia. That means you can rest assured knowing Auscon’s cement products meet the highest standards.

Additionally, each country has unique weather conditions. Australian-made cement is made for the Australian climate, so you know it has the strength it needs.

All of Auscon’s cement mix range is BSI certified and manufactured using ISO-certified processes.

BSI and ISO certification

ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) sets quality standards on a global scale. Auscon is proud to follow ISO 9001 – which helps us continually improve the way we do things and service our customers.

Auscon’s full range of high-end engineered pre-mix cement products are BSI certified, using ISO certified processes – so you know you’re getting nothing but the best.

NATA approved

National Association of Testing Authority (NATA) is an independent lab testing authority that tests all of our cement products. So you know that when Auscon cement products come off the manufacturing line, they’re accredited by NATA. This formally recognises that our facilities meet the best quality standards.

Your project won’t be delayed by supply shortages

Construction supply chain management can make or break your ability to complete a project on time. If you’re ordering your cement from an international supplier, your stock could be impacted by supply interruptions. This has a knock-on effect causing project delays, which can be disastrous for a construction project.

A recent example of this is COVID-19’s negative impact on the construction industry’s supply chain. With over 60% of Australia’s construction materials coming from China, you can see how this comes with serious risks.

With Auscon’s Australian-made cements, we’ve got warehouse and distribution centres in multiple states across Australia – so it’s always easy to have stock on-hand. If you order before 12pm, you can get next-day delivery in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. We can also transport our cement products to anywhere in Australia – so you’ll be better equipped to meet important project deadlines.

Even in regular circumstances, buying your cement products locally helps ensure you’ll always have the materials you need to work full-steam ahead.

You can get technical and on-site support when you need it

Auscon Australia is proud to work directly with large construction, engineering, infrastructure and mining companies. Our national reach enables us to be on-site with you to provide you with the technical support as needed.

Cement is a crucial product in construction projects of any scale. With our face-to-face, personalised support, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing help is there when you need it.

Our full technical on-site and in-store advice enables us to provide superior support for all commercial building projects, including infrastructure and mining. We can even work with your team to create a custom cement-mix solution!