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About Us

We develop unique, innovative and custom-made cement mix solutions to meet your commercial needs.
Our focus on large-scale projects means we’re the go-to specialists in the high-rise building, mining, infrastructure, and engineering sectors.

Who we are

Auscon Australia specialises in supplying Australian-made dry mix cement products for a range of commercial uses. Our skilled team are all industry experts, including leading engineers and high-rise commercial builders.

With over 30 years of experience working in the construction and cement products space, we’re uniquely positioned to develop cement mix solutions that are industry ready. Our in-depth product and sector knowledge allow us to deliver high quality products founded on research and science.

What we do

At Auscon Australia, we’re inspired to think outside the box.

Our passion for finding new solutions drives us to develop innovative pre-formulated cement mix solutions that are affordable, high-quality and versatile. The result is innovative products that are easy-to-use – just add water and you’re ready to go. We specialise in supplying A-Grade contractors and large hardware resellers with customised products to suit their ranging needs.

As a wholesale business, we work directly with large construction companies, as well as specialised engineering, infrastructure and mining companies.

We work hard to ensure our products are developed to the highest standard. Auscon cement mixes are BSI certified and manufactured on plants using ISO certified processes. Our expert team is there every step of the way, so you can rest assured each of our products meets Australian regulatory requirements.

How we do it

We believe in doing things differently.

We can design specialised cement mixes to your specification. We can test on-the-go and achieve an impressively tight turnaround. We also have a range of proven, high-quality pre-formulated cement mixes ready for use.

Auscon Australia has warehousing and distribution centres in every state across Australia, so we’re equipped to meet your project deadlines. We can transport our products to anywhere in Australia, and if you order before 12pm we can arrange next-day delivery. Our service includes full technical onsite advice and support, so you’ve always got expert assistance on hand.

We also believe in the pursuit of greener practices in construction. That’s why we’re exploring new ways to manufacture and distribute environmentally friendly cement products for the industry.

What we believe in


We work hard to deliver on customer expectations, but we always put transparency and openness first.


We don’t like the word ‘can’t’. Our team will test, explore and dedicate themselves to finding a solution and delivering positive results, time and time again.

Industry Knowledge

Our team has worked in construction for decades. We’re well versed in construction cement mix products and we’re always looking for ways to improve industry standards.


Our team is passionate about what we do – we give our absolute all, every time. We stay on-task and are committed to meeting your needs.


Quality – A dedication to quality means adhering to our processes rigorously. Testing new theories our products are manufactured using ISO 9001 Certified Processes and are BSI certified 


To us, courage means going beyond our comfort zone. We will happily test different techniques and pursue new ideas, all in the name of innovation and customer satisfaction.