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3 construction projects that are set to shape our major cities

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Australia is in the middle of a construction boom, with infrastructure spending at levels never seen before in this country. While the Coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted every level of society, including the economy, state and federal government have committed to investing in infrastructure. In fact, Australia may try to build its way out of the recession, with $2.7 billion pledged to construction projects in Victoria alone.

This article explores three major contraction projects that are laying the foundation for modern Australia and reshaping how our cities will look in the future.

1. Melbourne Metro Tunnel project – VIC

The Melbourne Metro Tunnel project is the city’s biggest rail project since the 1970s. It involves building twin rail tunnels – spanning 9 kms of track – and five new underground stations. It will service an extra 500,000 passengers during peak periods, linking major facilities to the network, such as the University of Melbourne and Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Contributing to the project are Australian construction companies John Holland, CPD Contractors, and Lendlease.

  • Estimated cost: $11 billion
  • Estimated completion: 2025

Find out more about the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project now.

2. WestConnex road and tunnel project – NSW

The WestConnex project is a major infrastructure investment in Sydney that involves widening, extending and constructing new and existing roads and tunnel sections. It will ease traffic congestion across Sydney – saving $6 billion annually – and better connect Western Sydney to employment hubs in the CBD. When completed, it’ll provide vital links to the Sydney Airport and Port Botany.

Across the various stages of the project, construction companies CIMIC, Lendlease, Samsung and Bouygues are all major contributors.

  • Estimated cost: $16 billion
  • Estimated completion: 2024

Discover more about the WestConnex project now.

3. Bruce Highway Upgrade Program – QLD

The Bruce Highway Upgrade Program is the largest road infrastructure project in Queensland’s history. The Bruce Highway, which runs over 1,677 kms from Brisbane to Cairns, will see various upgrades, widening, and extensions. Consisting of multiple projects, the Program will improve the safety, flood resilience and capacity of the Highway. This will save lives – on Australia’s most dangerous road – and enhance the economic opportunity in the region.

The Program’s major construction partner is CPB Contractors.

  • Estimated cost: $8.5 billion
  • Estimated completion: 2028

Read more about the Bruce Highway Upgrade Program now.

How Auscon’s cement products are contributing to major infrastructure projects

As a wholesale business, Auscon works directly with large construction, engineering, infrastructure and mining companies, providing cement products that are developed and manufactured to the highest standard. Delivering both expertise and specialty cement solutions, Auscon has contributed to several major infrastructure projects as the go-to Australian-made cement supplier.

Some of our recent projects and partnerships include:

  • Quay Quarter Tower, Sydney – Multiplex Group
  • Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre, Sydney – ADCO Constructions
  • Evermore Apartments, Melbourne – L.U. Simon Builders.

To find out how Auscon’s cement products and industry expertise can help you lay the foundation of your next major project, get in touch with us today.